Michael Curtis

Sculptor, Architect, Poet, Author

Of more than thirty journals that publish my written work, you might like to visit these for recent postings: for memorial verse, "The Society of Classical Poets"; for diverse poetry, "Expansive Poetry Online"; for essay, "Expansive Poetry Online".  Later this year (2020 CJE, [common year of Christ JEsus]), Land of Sunlight and Stars: Afrikaans Verse in English Translation will be re-released along with engaging, educational podcasts.

Studio Projects

In architecture, private homes from my upcoming, domestic architecture treatise, The Beautiful American Home, are being constructed in Georgia and South Carolina; in statuary, various statuettes are being prepped for editions…to see this recent work, you might visit TheClassicalArtist website.  In literature, three new books will be published this year (2022) through The Studio Press (a listing can be found, here); Classical Monuments and Architecture of Washington, D.C. continues to be a popular title, available both here, Amazon, and through The History Press; new house plans can be found at The Beautiful Home.


  • 2022 - Artist-in-Residence, Common Sense Society
  • 2021 - The Beautiful Home, Launch
  • 2021 - Sir Roger Scruton Award, Struck
  • 2020 - The Studio Press, Launch


To surprise and delight in prose and in verse, in those stories by which we learn to love and to laugh at ourselves.


To inform and instruct, to share knowledge, to propose theories and to generate ideas within "The Great Conversation".


To share the best, the curious, the neglected and forgotten words, the beautiful, compelling thoughts of authors unknown.


To honor heroes, presidents, captains-of-industry and others worthy of emulation, of remembrance.


To offer homes suitable for family, for life fulfilled, abundantly; to provide respectful monuments and memorials.


To teach on diverse subjects (history, philosophy, aesthetics, et cetera) in various venue (tour, hall, classroom, online).

The universe knows itself by the mind of man.

Appearances, Commissions, Proposals
  • National Civic Art Society Tours
  • National Gallery of Art Lectures
  • Critical Reviews and Essays
  • Statuary, Monuments, Memorials