Houses of God

The Houses of God


There is a pattern in our bones, a memory of what we are before we are.  So it is in the stones of the church, basilica, and cathedral, life ascending from time before memory to a future beyond sight.  By choice or by chance, all things come to be.  So it is in the houses we build for ourselves and for the Triune God.


Houses of God, Hagia Sophia
Hagia Sophia, Istanbul; formerly Holy Wisdom, Constantinople. credit: Stanley Kalvan


Over two millennia of slow, increasingly complex growth, the ancient Judaic, Greek, Roman, and Syriac became venerable Christian art and architecture, world-over.  Logic and use brought classical beauty, goodness, and truth into Classive maturity, into Christendom, that triumph of logic in faith that allowed all the good we now enjoy.  Then, Luther, the protest, opinion over authority, conflict and chaos and the loss of souls.  Now, we exceed logic, misuse ourselves and descended into senile Progressivism, that death-cult which ends in annihilation.

A book nearing completion, Houses of God, offers a recital of Christendom’s two millennia of contest as evidenced by its magisterial, puritanical, and permissive church art and architecture.   From homey genesis through secretive caves to the majesty of new Saint Peter’s Basilica, to the recent promise of Immaculata Church (consecrated 3 May 2023), we trace the course of Christendom, especially the course of the Catholic, the Church founded by Jesus Christ.


Houses of God, Durham
Durham Cathedral. credit: Matt Buck


And too, Houses of God includes a brief survey of world religions, a history of architectural styles, and detailed profiles of 33 churches, each profile offering insightful history, contemporary opinion, and telling anecdotes.  The profiles are gorgeously illustrated in facade and interior (apse, altarpiece, chancel, nave, narthex, transept, et cetera), and there is a generous dilation upon adaptations of furnishings and ornaments by region and era.

And then, Houses of God acknowledges the current gaseous Modernism seeping into Orthodox, Magisterial, and Protesting Churches, poisoning congregations, communities, and entire nations.  Here and there an offering of comments on prelates who are Progressive first, Catholic second, on Novus Ordo’s destructive spirit, on the intolerant Synodal Way, on squishy, worldly ecumenism, that surrender to degenerate, pagan, popular Progressivism.  Then too, you will notice sympathy with the spiritually sustaining Tridentine Mass and the civilizing, soul preserving Catholic tradition.


Houses of God, Paris
Notre Dame, Paris. credit: St. Nick


Yet more than this, Houses of God: The Sacred Architecture of Christendom, appreciates inspired beauty, the heroic fabrications of artists and architects in celebration of God’s glorious creation, that is, Godlike things given to God.  Houses of God excerpts can be found at The Beautiful Home.


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One of nine books nearing completion.  Houses of God is not included in the bi-monthly book-release schedule (2024–2026).

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Houses of God, Rome
Houses of God, St. Peter’s Basilica in Rome by the Via della Conciliazione, Rome. credit: TT Studio


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