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Occasional Poetry

Poetry lives in everyone, in all who inherit the gift of language, of knowledge, of understanding in words. This book introduces you to the poet in yourself and to other poets who can lend examples, precedent of verse for occasions, the occasions of birth, of romance, of wedding, of achievement, anniversary, founding, dedication, of memorial and of eulogy, each and all of the events, the occasions which create in life meaning worthy of remembrance.

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Bunyan’s Chores

Come, join Bunyan in outdoor chores: lassoing the moon, straightening the Crooked River, conquering mosquitoes, grappling with the giant, Russian sturgeon, and many another mighty, muscly adventure worthy of you and of our American Hercules.  Read-on with Lit’l Lucette, Johnny Inkslinger, Hel Helson and other bighearted, Northwoods tree-choppers who join Paul and his faithful companion, Babe the Blue Ox, as with big wide strides we stroll into those fortunate days when all were honest, fair, and good.

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Classical Architecture and Monuments of Washington, D.C.

Classical design formed our nation’s capital. The soaring Washington Monument, the columns of the Lincoln Memorial and the spectacular dome of the Capitol Building speak to the founders’ comprehensive vision of our federal city. Learn about the L’Enfant and McMillan plans for Washington, D.C., and how those designs are reflected in two hundred years of monuments, museums and representative government.

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Michael Curtis

Sculptor, Architect, Poet, Author

Michael has taught and lectured at universities, colleges, and museums including The Institute of Classical Architecture, The Center for Creative Studies, and The National Gallery of Art; his pictures and statues are housed in over 400 private and public collections including The Library of Congress, The National Portrait Gallery, and The Supreme Court; his buildings, houses, monuments and memorials are found coast-to-coast; and then, his plays, essays, verse and translations have been published in over 30 journals.