Bee Bee Verses

1993 – 2020: IN MEMORIAM

A tribute.  A bouquet.  A poesy beautifully petal’d, sweet alike honey.  A golden home for Bee-Bee in poetry.

A book for she of the silvery wings.  A book of rose-thorns, of weeds and wildflowers from which she has flitted away to who-knows-where without-a-care in the world.  This collection is a leaving behind of lusty, loving verses, prayers, and a few delicious remembrances.

Listen.  Read.  Hear honey-sweet words of joy.  A poetry of love.

* Bee Bee Verses is a book of romance and adventure, sometimes erotic, ill-seasoned to delicate readers.


Bee Bee Verses 1993 – 2020: In Memoriam

This volume contains a forward by Don Juan, 56 occasional verses, and “Like a Fish”, a sequence of 22 sonnets.


Bee Bee Verses

From the Author:

A little book of verse,
Of lies, of love and folly,
Of joy, of pain and hurt.
A book in rhyme and rhythm
Like the rhythm of a song
From a sparrow landed on a thorn
Pricking through his heart.


From “Broken Rhyme”:

Book I: Pinhead, light verse (a first collection, circa 1990)
Book II: Modern Art, a criticism (published, 2022)
Book III: Black-Eyed Susan, verses for children (forthcoming, 2027)
Book IV: Prig E. Maps Book of Pepigrams, epigrams on diverse topics (forthcoming, 2027)
Book V: Branches, lyrics (forthcoming, 2027)
Book VI: Serenade, love songs (forthcoming, 2027)
Book VII: Miscellany
Book VIII: Bee Bee Verses 1993-2029: In Memoriam, lyrics, light verse, love songs, sonnets