Book III of “Colloquies: A Review of Civilization in Little Songs”

Lives of the Saints, the Sacraments, the Way of Christ; God the Father, His Creation, the Universe, Man, that Creature part Beast, part Angel, in Soul, Divine, in Action, a Sinner, Redeemed by Love.  Here, for your consideration, our Confession: 73 sonnets, hagiography, biography, commentary, and lovely illustrations within 106 pages.

Confession, Scheduled Release, 1 June 2025

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“Colloquies, a Review of Civilization in Little Songs” in seven pithy volumes delightfully tells by portrait, anecdote, and vignette, the history of Western Civilization, Greece, Rome, Europe, America, et alibi.

From “Colloquies: A Review of Civilization in Little Songs”:

Book I      Paideia (forthcoming, 1 February 2025)
Book II    Commentary (forthcoming, 1 April 2025)
Book III   Confession (forthcoming, 1 May 2025)
Book IV   Dispute (forthcoming, 1 August 2025)
Book V     Celebration
Book VI   Invective
Book VII  Secrets


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Typical of Confession, “Salvation”:

I ask you, “Who would live to die a saint?”
To scorch the feet on desert sands;
To strike the thigh with leather bands;
To starve; to kneel in prayer until one faints:
Oh no, I would not want to be a saint.
Neither would I be a martyr,
Boiled in oil or fried in sulfur,
Or fed to toothy beasts without complaint.
What then?  Vivisection?  My toe in Rome,
My ear in Bath, my tongue in Paris,
My collar bone the source of bliss
To pilgrims on a pilgrimage?  No.  Home
Will be the place for me.  The reliquary
Is for saints: Sinners may write poetry.

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