Occasional Poetry

How to Write Poems for Any Occasion.  A Guide to Versification, with Helpful Tips, Advice, Examples.

Poetry lives in humankind, in we who inherit the gift of language, of knowledge, of understanding in words. This course of twenty-two neat lectures will introduce you to the poet in yourself; this course will introduce you to other poets who can lend examples, precedent of verse for occasion, the occasions of birth, of romance, of wedding, of achievement; anniversary, founding, dedication; of memorial and of eulogy, each and all of the events, the occasions which create in life meaning worthy of remembrance.


In quick and easy lessons discover the poet in yourself, your ability to compose poems of birth, of love, of memorial and eulogy, of all the occasions of life.  With easy instruction, learn step-by-step, by diagrams and numerous examples, the techniques of poetry both classical and contemporary.  Each of the 22 chapters offers a “how to” of poetry technique, a “show-and-tell” of birthday poems, wedding poems, anniversary poems, et cetera.  Author Michael Curtis sympathetically guides the reader into the art and the craft of writing poems for any occasion.




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You are a poet.  You are so by nature.  You remember in words.  In words you become who you are, who you would like to be.  By words we each better ourselves.  By words we tell the story of our life, to ourselves, to those we love, to those who follow after.  In poetry, the story of your life will be remembered.  Here, now, I hope to teach you how, to teach you why the occasions of your life are worthy of remembrance.