Book I of “Colloquies: A Review of Civilization in Little Songs”

The ancient Axis, Sages, Prophets, Seers, Poets.  The Gods and Heroes.  The Festivals of Athens.  Greece and famous Greeks, life in the cloud-touched temples, the Aegean, the Hellenes, Athenian Paideia and other considerations in Socratic dialogue, monologue, and observation.

Paideia, Scheduled Release, 1 February 2025

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Colloquies, a Review of Civilization in Little Songs” in seven pithy volumes delightfully tells by portrait, anecdote, vignette, the history of Classive Civilization, Greece, Rome, Europe, America, et alibi.  Volume I, Paideia, introduces the reader to the colorful festivals, the great events, and the great persons of Athens, the Democracy, the Tyranny, the Hellenic hegemony.  Composed in dramatic, verse dialogue, and fashioned for the contemporary reader, Paideia tells without lecture who once we were, who now we are, who tomorrow we might become.

From “Colloquies: A Review of Civilization in Little Songs”:

Book I      Paideia (forthcoming, 1 February 2025)
Book II    Commentary (forthcoming, 1 April 2025)
Book III   Confession (forthcoming, 1 May 2025)
Book IV   Dispute (forthcoming, 1 August 2025)
Book V     Celebration
Book VI   Invective
Book VII  Secrets


Typical of Paideia, “Storm Front”

Sturdy and strong, straight as the gut strung bow;
Taut, ready to draw the arrow;
Sprung, eager to let the throw
And send the ball through air to strike the blow.
Wrath!  A lightning strike that cracks the tower;
A storm, anger of the heavens.
Swelling heat, thrusting javelin,
Swift wind over the waves gathering power.
Young man, true soldier, valiant son: Ageless
Memory bred into bones,
Scars and strength of ancient heroes:
May their fury prove your future greatness.
Mighty Achilles, Alexander, O
Ancestors: Bestow your strength, destroy his foes.