Sama the Prince

Sama, “Samalon”, son of Apollon, son of Atalon for whom Atlantis is named.  Seven hundred years after the volcano that destroyed the kingdom of Atalon (Atlantis) the island was refounded by Theras, son of Austesion, descendant of the hero Cadmus; it is from Theras that the island receives its name, “Thera”.  Our story occurs before the age of heroes during the age of demigods, Apollon being the human manifestation of the divine Apollo.  Archeological evidence suggests trade between the Aegean Sea’s Doric-Ionian cultures and the North Americas; D.N.A. gives evidence that several American Indian societies have a Mediterranean ancestry.  It is likely that the towns of Akrotiri and Knossos share a common culture.  The jealous eruption of Kaptara scatters the Atlanteans and civilizes the Western world.   Our story tells the history of Prince Samalon and the remarkable Aiyana, daughter of Kubaba.


Alone in her mother’s alcove, now window warmed by late-afternoon’s sun, AIYANA with care, alike reverence, arranges her mother’s sacred garment, ritual jewelry and priestly rings, each in a species of ceremony, and here in dressing we witness the transfiguration of a common village girl into a high and splendid priestess.  KUBABA quietly behind, toward AIYANA enters, observes all with a gaze sweetly-sad.  KUBABA: I recall when last she assumed the goddess’ mantel.  AIYANA: As do I, father.  KUBABA: Seems that I see her now.  AIYANA: If only that were so.


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At the dawn of civilization, the innocent Aiyana awaits the return of the Atlantean prince, Sama.  Three years previous she was néos, the chief’s daughter who amused the prince; now, in the first flower of womanhood, her romantic longing is brightened by anticipation of the festival, the prince, the mystery.

Then too, Sama the Prince is a screen-novella, a form of my own invention, a thing alike a screenplay, suitable as a script, though rather more entertaining, more readable…I hope you will agree.