October 15, 2020

For most of us, Aeolus is difficult, if not impossible to see, being “Wind”, as he is.  Even so, watch the leaves, as on this October day I have done.  If you will do as I have done, you will see, as did Leonardo, the pattern of the god, the twist and the turn of…

September 30, 2020

Many years ago, beneath nine, lovely, star-snowed nights, Mnemosyne [ne-mos-ie-ne] enjoyed the favor of Zeus-shepherd, each night bearing forth from love a Muse, as Hesiod in Theogony relates. Before the Muse History (Clio), before Love Poetry (Erato), before Song (Euterpe) and all the rest, there was Memory (Mnemosyne), god borne, corporeal, beautiful. We muse in…

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