Civic Art

The Necessity of Civic Art to Civic Virtue

Statues, Monuments, Memorials, Songs and Stories Necessary to Virtue
Civi et Reipublicae, “For the benefit of the Citizen and the State.”


Can there be Civic Virtue without Civic Art, the stories, symbols, memorials that urge citizens to courage, excellence, honor, and service?

No.  And yet Republicans, conservatives, and other narrows suppose that virtue can be taught through class lessons and position papers.  A foolish supposition.  Consider: we began the last century, the old, modern XX Century with a traditional political majority locally and nationally, with conservative schools coast-to-coast, border to border, and yet virtue failed.  Why?  Traditional Americans abandoned the arts to Marxists and queers.

I speak lovingly.  Best friends of over half a century have been Marxists and queers, painters, sculptors, poets, and arts administrators, those useful idiots first eliminated in revolutionary purges.  As we say, “Love the sinner, hate the sin.”  Because loving, kind, and considerate, the nation in whole has been soiled by sins Marxist and queer, and for this the sinners must be chastened.  And here, it is for man to chasten, or be chastised.


Civic Art, Athens
Civic Art, Academy, Athens. credit: TTstudio


Our grandsires were better than us, wiser, more learned, more virtuous, principled, better able to control their emotions, greater in comprehension of history, the rise and fall on Fortune’s Wheel.  Why do we suppose that classes and conferences will mend Classive Civilization?  Because we are foolish, inferior to our grandsires who though kind were hard.  We are soft, lost, weak in that energy which generates civilization.

We are patchers.  Nothing more.  We band-aid lacerations, patch towering dams with superglue, and we talk.  We talk prose because we are Republicans and conservatives, persons without imagination, without that poetry which builds armies, cathedrals, nations.  We talk prose, though, if to win, we must think in virtue and speak in verse.

Yes, patchers.  And yet, we have one advantage that our grandsires lacked: knowledge that they failed, and why they failed.  Why did our grandsires fail?  OuCivic Art: The Progressive or The Classiver grandsires abandoned story to the enemy.  Our grandsires abandoned poetry, statuary, pictuary, song and tower to enemies who would destroy all that was good, all that was Classive, all that was American.  And the enemy did destroy our grandsires, persons who thought the arts frivolous.


Civic Art, Rome
Civic Art, Castel San’Angelo, Rome. credit: Paolo Gallo


The arts are not frivolous.  The arts are essential.  The arts are the paideia, the stories in picture, statue, verse that make men, that make men strong and virtuous.  See.  Look around.  See what happens when arts are abandoned to the Marxist and the queer, sissies, failure, and soon, defeat.

Recently, I composed an illustrated booklet of some 16,000 words, an outline, a prescription for restoring Civic Virtue by restoring Civic Art.  Below, a brief introduction to Civic Art = Civic Virtue.


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Civic Art, DC
Civic Art, Grant Monument, Washington, DC. credit: Bulent Demir


Our civic traditions arise from best thoughts, words, deeds of exemplary men and women ambitious of virtue.  We are ascendents, inheritors of personal triumphs and public accomplishments.  Generation into generation, millennium into millennium we Classives have accumulated virtues that extended liberty, prosperity, and beauty to all the world.  If we forget the civic virtues of our grandsires we will forget tradition, we will forget ourselves and cease to be.

America’s civic statues, civic inscriptions, civic monuments, customary songs and stories come to us through Homer, Phidias, Michelangelo and other artists great and humble who show us to ourselves.  We know ourselves through Art.  We are improved by the virtues inhabited in works of Art.  An artist makes a statue, a song, a story, and we in seeing, in hearing, in knowing live into the statue, song, or story, we assume its essence, the essence of the hero, heroine, saint or statesman.

Classive Civic Art creates Civic Virtue, our models for civility and citizenship.  The Greece of Pericles, Rome of Virgil, Florence of the Medici, London of Shakespeare, France of Louis XIV, and these United States of Jefferson through Roosevelt are summits of civilization because each is a summit of Civic Art.  Without exception, History shows what becomes of States that descend to Civic Vice: failure and defeat.  American citizens have an obligation to preserve, to extend Civic Virtue through Civic Art.


Civic Art, London
Civic Art, Buckingham Palace, London. credit Lukasz Pajor


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One of nine books recently completed or nearing completion.  Not included in the bi-monthly book-release schedule (2024–2026).

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Civic Art, US Capitol
Civic Art, Inauguration, US Capitol. credit: Architect of the Capitol


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