The Studio

Mastering the Arts
  • Ecclesiastic
  • Portraiture
  • Statuary
  • Memorial


I might carve for you words, gems in verse, portraits in memorial, great epics, the story of a nation, whatever by God occurs through the hands of man.  Your choice.

Fiction, Exposition, Prose, Verse

The fashions in literary style change as do styles in shoes, season to season, coming and going: whatever the style, if crafted of sound material, well-made, the work survives the season.

To Be Remembered

The temples are rubble; the statues, ash; the nations, shadows of memory; Homer's words are as clear as when first written in the Aegean sun, the Parables speak daily in conversation; sound words survive the body because the mind retains that most worthy of humanity, thought.

the studio, michael curtis

How to Commission

Bring your ideas, whether by word, by sketch, or borrowed example; explain the use, the want, the necessity; give precedent, if precedent is at hand, and from your description, faithful designs will be generated, drawings will be delivered, and that idea you had, that want, need or necessity will come to life, on time, at budget: and more, the object will equal any artistic creation of its type, ancient or contemporary.  If not an object of pigment, bronze or board, perhaps a song or screenplay, a civic history or some other object of words.

Looking Forward