Priapus, Bringer of Wisdom

Priapos: Priapus, Bringer of Wisdom


Poor Priapos, misunderstood, mocked, pawn in political pattycake and other games of common debauchery.  Though never a serious fellow or respected god, he was loved … once upon a civilized, intelligent, reasonable time.  These days, reason is rare, knowledge rarer, and wisdom, well, “wisdom” is a foreign word to most.

First, a definition of words.


Priapus, Sappho
Sappho with her lover Phaon, Jacques Louis David for Priapus


Kinaidos: the “passive male”, the butt of butt jokes; the shamed male, untrustworthy and unnatural, worthless in the high purpose of males, “creating and rearing children”; the kinaidos was punished by insertion of a radish in the keister and the singeing of short-hairs, that manless it might be recognized “feminine”, truthfully acknowledged in the communitarian way; in Classical Greece there is no known marriage male-to-male, female-to-female.

Lesbian: of the isle of Lesbos whose most famous daughter, Sappho, was married with children; other famous Lesbians include Diomede, daughter of Phorbas, lover of Achilles, Alcaeus, warrior poet of love, hymns, and drinking songs; you will remember that Sappho composed verses of affection, not sex, between girls and women and men, therefore, “lesbian” is an oxymoron.


Priapus, Thelestris
Alexander with his lover Thalestris, Pierre Mignard I for Priapus


Eros: “passion”, quenchless desire for cupcakes and steaks, cocks and cunts, fame and riches; eros as in “arrow”, irrational and destructive, the barbed dart that cannot be removed; recall Medea, struck by Eros’ passion with lust for Jason, a lust that flame-like consumed moderation, equilibrium, that caused Medea to fricassee her brother in the sea, treat for fishes, to fillet her children and serve them bloody to Jason; we know that eros is not love, that eros is but one sharp, desperate facet of Love.

Pederasty: a retcon word coined to misrepresent guidance by the erastês (the elder) of the erômenos (the youngster) into the virtues of war, athletics, politics, and into the particulars of paideia, the arts which direct youth toward the Beautiful and the Good, id est, “virtue”; there is no evidence of pederasty (as in “societally established sex between boy and man”) in the art or literature of Classical Greece … of the 80,000 imaged pottery fragments, less than 30 (0.03%) depict what might by stretch be construed, pederasty … Xenophon, Demosthenes, Aristotle, et alia, condemn sex between man and boy, and Plato, in his final work, final word, The Laws, writes, “the crime of male with male, female with female is an outrage on Nature, a capital surrender to the lust of pleasure … sexual intercourse between men should be once and for all, prohibited” and Plato also wrote, “Since homosexual intercourse is useless, it cannot be good or beautiful.  Whatever is neither good nor beautiful should be avoided.


Priapus, Briseis
Achilles with his lover Briseis, Giuseppe Cades for Priapus


Yes, pederasty, eros, lesbian, kinaidos, words now at issue in the political pattycake, words redefined to achieve ends politically motived.  As for myself, I have little care and less interest where you put your parts or where parts are put into you, though I do care for purity and truth.  Please, keep your debaucheries to yourself; do not touch children, lopping off their parts, damning them to addiction in pharmaceuticals.  Priapos is displeased.

Lately, scholar-like, I’ve investigated tumblr sissies, 60s-70s-80s deculturations of education, arts, and sciences, American Pravda headlines, Hollywood propagandas, salacious Disney insinuations, and common insanities of the Woke: May God restore innocence to my eyes, heal sissies of their madness, and cause beards on the faces and breasts of queers, big hips on the hipsters.


Priapus, Eurydice
Orpheus with his wife Eurydice, Sir Edward John Poynter for Priapus


I’ve known many homosexuals, and have loved them with philia (affection), storge (friendship), agape (generosity), sometimes with pragma (enduringly), the type of love that Greek had for Greek, Roman for Roman, American for American, the types of love meant by the word “love”; Love, a word that has been corrupted by Woke Marxists to mean, “lust”.  Lust, punished by Priapos by pushing all his massive 18 inches up the butt.  Ouch!

What is the truth, in this instance: Classical Greece, Republican Rome, the all of Classive Civilization from then to the here-and-now, was not, is not, queer.  Yes, there is a fad in queer madness alike that hysteria of empowered girls who named and damned and burned witches.  I don’t care if you are queer, but please, don’t strike matches, a naughty, dangerous practice.  I do care about truth, and goodness, and beauty, and words of ontological significance, “marriage”, for instance, the physically divine union of a man and a woman, the “wedding”, sanctioned coupling that generates life, that nourishes civilization.


Priapus, Roxana
The wedding of Alexander and Roxana, Sodoma for Priapus


Poor Priapos, mocked for his inability to copulate, curse of angry, jealous Hera.  And he, an innocent who did good even in sadness.  Good Priapos, tender of gardens, friend of fruit and flower, defender of the innocent and helpless, with your mighty member plug-up the mouth of liars that Silence might allow Truth to speak, pit the proselytizers upon your mighty pike until like piglets they squeal, run in shame and hide themselves away, bawds, molesters, fiends that they are.  By the trial of experience, please, Priapos, bring the Woke to wisdom.


*   *   *


A New Priapeia, Priapus
A new Priapeia, by Michael Curtis, Front Cover

Welcome to the Garden of Priapus, male God of Fertility, He of the swelling, the seeding, the blossoming into pleasure.  Here you will find sensation, youth, goodness and spirited delight in stories both ancient and modern, secular and sacred (in the ancient way of worship), pagan and free and forceful, and then there is frivolity and surprise.

Come!  Dare, open the old garden gate and enter if you are pure of soul, healthy of spirit, well-disposed in the flesh, inclined to taste the fruit of love, to swoon to sights and sounds, to breath fully the aroma of rose, of lemon and of apple blossom.  Open yourself to penetrating translations of ancient authors, of liberty in opinion, of diversity in action, in sensuality of the ear and of the mind … the mind, that most amorous of organs.  Attend, hear, Enter! and enjoy.  Then, good Christian, repent.

This new Pripeia is a supplement to “The Aestheticon”, the second libretti of which, “Galatea: The Statue Comes to Life”, is available through The Studio Press.


*   *   *

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