Classive Storytelling


Perhaps you notice that we live in a story of our creation.  That all we see is borne of human imagination.  Cities are our stage sets.  Nations our cast.  And each we all is the star, a villain, a hero, a fool.

Well, not so much our own story, Homer’s story, Luke’s story, the Classive through the Christian into the absurd Progressive.  Why absurd?  Because stories need meaning and the Progressive offers nothing but atoms and the void.  In other word, nothing.  No story.

And yet, the Progressive talks, telling something alike a story, a lecture.  You know the lecture, you see it in each Disney, D.C., Marvel movie, in each network television show, in each commercial of radio, internet, television: white men are odd boobs.


Divine Storytelling
Génération Divine, Anne-François-Louis Janmot.  Divine Storytelling


Diversity, Inclusion, Equity (DIE)


And too, black men are comfortably normal, normally paired with strong white women in a 2023 updated 1950s home.  Black women are bosses or bossy, or just big and alone.  Asians do not exist.  This nation’s second greatest race*, made great by illegal aliens, are paired with nonexistent Asians, justly, tediously, invisibly.

Once upon a time, our story was not just, it was good.  Justice and goodness are not the same.  You will notice that goodness is always good, that justice is not always just.  The justice of the Progressive lecture is not just, not good, not a story, and this is why Disney fails, why Discovery Plus is failing, why Marvel is self-annihilating, why the networks shrink and no one, no one believes the Progressive news story.

Have you noticed that our stories are lies.  Have you noticed that the modern Diversity, Inclusion, Equity (DIE) is ugly, ugly alike our modern stage sets, ugly cities, alike our ugly costumes and roles.  Expect you have noticed.  DIE makes everything ugly.


Maternal Storytelling
Poème de l’âme 5 – Souvenir du ciel, Anne-François-Louis Janmot.  Maternal Storytelling


The Rings of Power


The truth of DIE is a lie.  In DIE Progressives lie to hide truth, as in The Rings of Power**, a work of Amazon, envy, appetite, and Bezos.  The Rings of Power is not a work of Tolkien, The Rings of Power is a mockery of theatre, of literature, ambitiously constructed to unmake the story of ourselves, as does the most pedantic television commercial remake America, in miniature, though not in truth.

For the most part, women give and cradle life.  For the most part, men protect and defend life.  We know that a mediocre man masquerading as a girl swimmer can defeat the best of the girl swimmers.  We know that women, by the nature of woman, do not in feats lead armies; we know that DIE lies.  Not even children believe a lying story, yet Progressives will lie and expect you to believe them.  But we do not believe them, even when told we must.

Now, even comic books DIE and boys no longer buy comic books, so comic books too are dying.  Progressives kill everything, dirty everything they touch.  They touch boys to make them girls, girls to make them boys; to make toms and sissies, as you will find on Tumblr, Department of Education handbooks, and medical association dictates.  Sometimes our stories are titillating, sometimes fruity, sometimes fruitless.


Cautionary Storytelling
Poème de l’âme 7 – Le Mauvaus Sentier, Anne-François-Louis Janmot.  Cautionary Storytelling


True to Life


You might think that a nation which trained generations, hundreds-of-millions in literary theory would make great literary artists, but no, our trillions have been invested in the creation of tattlers and chatterers.  DIE makes tattlers.  Storytellers are made in the tradition of Homer, of Luke, of Charles Dickens and Walt Disney, and Tolkien.  Untrue to tradition, Disney DIEs, Amazon DIEs, Marvel DIEs, soon to be forgotten.

Followers of Tolkien will not follow Amazon.  Followers of Thor will not follow Marvel.  Followers of Mickey Mouse will not follow Disney.  Followers of Christ will not follow Progressives, so Amazon, and Marvel, and Disney, and Progressives will DIE and be forgotten.

The story of DIE is not the story of our creation.  For that story, we shall look to the Classives who deeply see into the nature of what we are, artistically and beautifully, true to life.


Soulful Storytelling
Le Passage des âmes, Anne-François-Louis Janmot.  Soulful Storytelling


*   *   *


Potina, Lady of the Stag, a screen-novella by Michael Curtis

Hum … intended to write of Potina, Lady of the Stag.  Next time, a few verses in portraiture of characters from that story.

* “Hispanics”, not a race, a redistribution category.

** Amazon’s Progressive usurpation of Tolkien’s mythology deliberately destroys Tolkien’s Classive story to plant the Progressive narrative into the canon of Literature, into you and your children, and this to achieve the Progressive Utopia … and you know what “utopia” means (nowhere), how utopias end (deprivation, tyranny, slaughter).  Defend yourselves, the Progressives are coming for your minds. 


*   *   *

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