The Beautiful Home

The story of the American home is the story of the “American Dream”, beautiful, abiding, good:

“The Beautiful Home” tells this story.


The story of the American home is the story of the American Dream, our story, the story of us, a people beautiful, good, true, and sometimes, silly.  The Beautiful Home, introduced today, 13 April 2021, narrates a history of that dream from our beginning in adventurous exploration until this wacky American moment, and from this moment into a healthy, Classive future. 

Here, in The Beautiful Home, you will meet connoisseurs and economists, historians and carpenters, architects and authors, scholars and contractors and decorators and all those who love to imagine, to discuss, to fashion beautiful homes.  Too, you will discover the home through history, through cultures, through civilizations around the world, from time-out-of-memory until now … and, from now until tomorrow. You will read the history of these United States, the adventures, the ambitions, the dreams that brought the world’s good people to this land, to your neighborhood, and into your life. Most importantly, in my opinion, you will learn of yourself, of the qualities, of the virtues which make this a rich, beautiful, strong, and sometimes, “great” country.

And what else is worthy of mention: we Americans are an accumulation, a distillation of the best that has been thought, done, said.  The best of All which is has come to this land. 

Look about: by Liberty, by Enlightenment, by Classive Civilization, the street, the house, the objects that surround you (in this moment) are, hos epi to polu, made possible by economic liberty, by Christian virtue, by Western freedoms.

In the moment you read this paragraph you will find around you and about walls, doors, windows, curtains, furniture, pictures, plates, vases, machines, all those things crafted to lend ease, to lend health and beauty to life.  Look at these things, notice: each has a history, each tells a story of its purpose, its material, its design, the manifestations of Beauty that give our little, human lives, meaning.

No matter from where we come, from Mulberry Street, Shaftsbury Avenue, Champs-Élysées, Jinli, Victoria Road, El Malik Street, et alibi, we all have brought something good with us, taste, opinion, possession, a vision of beauty and truth … all these things we Americans have adapted to use, adopted into the initiating tradition of this place, the British Colonies of North America.  We, most of us, are native born, born upon this land into the unifying, Classive tradition, a tradition Hellenistic in character, open, welcoming, curious, free, active, passionate of opinion as is necessary to Liberty, to republics.

“The Jeffersonian”, featured in The Beautiful Home, Volume I, Issue 1, May 2021

Our homes, too, are at liberty, are diverse in history, in tradition, in styles and in fashions that grow and change and fade-away … that come again to blossom into a new thing, a new fashion for a new season, varied in use.  This is our story, The Story of the American Home: our home, us, what we are by what we make … cities, towns, villages composed of homes suitable to citizens, commodious to bodies, healthy to souls … good, to the families into which we are born, into families that are born through us.  Airy, I know, alike a dream; even so, Our American Dream awakes us into something solid, beautiful, practical, The American Home.

This nation was built upon a dream. This nation has become The American Dream. The story of this Dream, in The Beautiful Home, is truthfully told, practical, with advice on how to design, how to build, how to furnish, how to decorate a house … you will find tips on how to design a home of any adapted, American domestic style, British or Spanish Colonial, Scandinavian or Egyptian, Jeffersonian or Deco, ranch or apāto, it makes no difference: by the nature of what we are, by the nature of what a house is, all styles follow the rules of body and beauty. Well, enough of that … let us get along to the interesting bit,

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“under construction”

Volume I, Edition 1, arriving May 13, 2021
A Practical Guide to Domestic Architecture:

The Beautiful American Home; The Beautiful Small Home;
The Beautiful Interior; The Beautiful Family Home;
The Beautiful Garden; The Beautiful Estate;
Beautiful Living

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is a reference guide for home-buyers, builders, and the general public
is an advice source of building styles and techniques, patterns of design, construction hints and guidelines
is an architectural primer that includes photographs, diagrams, and line illustrations of historical details
is a visitors’ guide to historic homes, their lifestyles, and to their cities, the delights and points-of-interest

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The story of the American Dream is seen in the history of the American Home,
and each house tells a story.


illustrates the history of American building types
updated for modern living

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