Appleseed’s Progress

Small, lean-muscled, quick and restless.  Long of beard and hair.  The eye, black, sparkling.  Barefoot, cloaked in a burlap sack; tin pot and animal skin hatted.  In doctrine a Swedenborgian, in practice a primitive Christian, moral and blameless.  A settler of open spaces, neighbor to streams and loamy places, planter of trees, trader of seeds.  Missionary.  Johnny Appleseed prepared the spirited wilds for civilization in a wilderness voice, proclaiming, “prepare ye the way”.

Appleseed’s Progress, Scheduled Release: 15 December 2024 

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Appleseed’s Progress, 208 pages, 39 succinct chapters, extensive character descriptions, 28,950 words, 46 illustrations.



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Appleseed’s Progress is from one of three trilogies written to generate the movie industry of a new Florida city, AEGEA (Architecture and Entertainment in a Global Exhibition of Architecture) that I was commissioned to design.  Two screen-novella of the other trilogies will be published later this year, Sama the Prince (15 August 2024) and Bunyan’s Chores (15 October 2024).




The screen-novella, Appleseed’s Progress (Volume III of “Eden to Ohio”) is a telling of some seven excellent Johnny Appleseed adventures not commonly known yet commonly true in the nature of things.  You understand, true of stories, of myths and legends, true in the words that live in our bones, true in the way of our transcendent, everlasting souls.  Here, apple-rich ideas, seeds of Johnny tellings by which we Americans might grow to realize ourselves.