Volume I of Broken Rhyme

A book of fable, myth and history lyrically spoken by a pinheaded spirit, a she, a sister sphinx and her miscellany of Hellenes.

118 pages; 81 verses; 4 illustrations

While sitting on a pinhead
Stuck in an angel’s wing
Pulling through a silver thread
I tapped my head to think,

I tapped again, to no avail,
It seems I have forgot
The answer to the riddle,
If not, then what?


Praise for Pinhead:

Some million diamonds dangle along
the merry music of his lines.
Alfred Lord Tennyson

A Broken Rhyme
Is worn into my cloak.
Look!  Miss,
You are naked without it.

Great singer of Man
Struck notes of Milton’s tongue;
Strike! strikes the God on mine.
Forthwith he strikes on one,
And Mister Curtis shines!
William Blake

When song was ground to silence
By the straining steel machines
Tongue was bound, the Muses wept
‘Till Sir you dared to sing.
W.B. Yeats

Again we live, in him.


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From “Broken Rhyme”:

Book I: Pinhead, light verse (a first collection, circa 1990)
Book II: Modern Art, a criticism (published, 2022)
Book III: Black-Eyed Susan, verses for children (forthcoming, 2027)
Book IV: Prig E. Maps Book of Pepigrams, epigrams on diverse topics (forthcoming, 2027)
Book V: Branches, lyrics (forthcoming, 2027)
Book VI: Serenade, love songs (forthcoming, 2027)
Book VII: Miscellany
Book VIII: Bee Bee Verses 1993-2029: In Memoriam, lyrics, light verse, love songs, sonnets   


The verse I spoke
was a broke
n rhyme. 

Modern Art? You Don’t Understand It? – The Studio Books